Coal Boiler

DZL series steam boiler is the kind of automatic, horizontal, three-pass, and fire tube boiler;
Featureas of DZL boiler:
1. Adopting the new-type structure
The new-type structure steam boiler adopts single drum vertical type arrangement, and two sides of the furnace are arranged with water cooled wall. The upper part is welded with the boiler drum, and the lower part is welded with the right and left container. The back arch and the drum space are arranged with convection bank, whose upper part is welded with boiler drum, and whose lower part is connected with all containers. It is the compact structure.
2. Organizing the fire in the furnace reasonably. The furnace adopts double layers anti-burning structure which is formed by the pre-combustion chamber and combustion chamber. As for the boiler design, dividing the furnace into the pre-combustion chamber and combustion chamber, which is good for strengthening the fuel burning, and decreasing flying ash fuel and flying ash content.
3. Among the convection tubes, there are many smoke baffle walls, which can make fire turning-back many times and are good for removing the dust of the furnace. Boiler itself has a dust removal function, so that dust emissions from the boiler to reach the target state environmental regulations. This series of boiler adopts arched tube plate, two-wing flue pipe etc, thread, solve the smoke pot shell boiler tube plate cracking, the bulge, tube boiler water-cooled wall tube, thermal efficiency is low, the coal output, adaptability, etc.