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Garments Factory Use 2000kg Coal Steam Boiler In Vietnam

DZH series coal boiler, is manual coal feeding boiler. Different with DZL automatic coal chain grate boiler, dzh series coal boiler use travelling grate combustion device, larbor work hand-feeding coal fired boiler.

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DZL Biomass Fired Boiler advantages

1. Reliable Operation:
The heating surface of boiler is reasonably settled, the water circulation fluent, to ensure that each heating furnace cool down timely, and ensure the boiler running safety.

2. Easy Maintenance:
The top of boiler barrel set manhole, serviceman can enter to inspect and maintain. The front smoke box easy to open, serviceman can easy and clear inspect, provide excellent conditions for correctly handle.

3. Full Combustion:
In the cooperation of blower, and reasonable design of furnace structure, the fuel can be fully burning, can remove the black smoke effectively.

4. High Efficiency Grate:
Boiler grate use matching coal fuels grate, avoid the problem of air leakage, fuel leakage and uneven ventilation, and easy operation, have lots of advantages compared to traditional grate.

5. Easy to Remove Ash:
Set several remove ash hole on boiler, can remove ash timely and efficiently, to avoid ash deposition in boiler making the boiler running is affected or thermal efficiency is dropped etc. To ensure stability of boiler loading.

6. High Security:
Feed water system adopt computer controlling, automatic feed water. Equip with water lack protection and over pressure protection devices, security and reliable.

7. Long Life and Durable:
Excellent professional design, advanced production processes, strict quality inspection control, is the quality assurance of each boiler, the service life of normal use boiler all above 20 years.

8. Environmental Protection and Low Noise:
The boiler smoke is low emission, and equip with high efficiency dust remove device at boiler end, low noise fans, to make the smoke emission reach to nation environmental protection requirements.