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Hot water boiler for heating, gas oil hot water boiler, coal hot water boiler, biomass hot water boiler
  • Hot water boiler for heating, gas oil hot water boiler, coal hot water boiler, biomass hot water boiler

Hot Water Boiler

  • Usage:Center heating, greenhouse, hospital, school, hotel, water-heating
  • Capacity:80kw-28 000kw; 0.1Mkcal-120Mkcal; 100kg-50000kg
  • Fuel:Natural gas/diesel/heavy oil/dual fuel/exhaust gas;
  • Fuel:Biomass/wood/rice husk/palm shells/pellets/bagasse;
  • Fuel:Coal/solid fuel; Electricity;
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Heating capacity: 80kw-35000kw
Heating water in 1000ltr-500000ltrs
Power by: Gas Oil Lpg, Coal Wood Biomass, Electricity
Introduction: Heating water boilers, for hotel, greenhouse, school, buildings, factroy use.....We offer heating capacity in 100kw-28000kw, powered by gas, oil, coal, wood, biomass, electric.

1. Small hot water boilers 100kw-1400kw

Vertical hot water boiler 80kw-700kw, small heating water boiler, can use gas/oil, coal/wood/biomass, electricity as power.

---Vertical Gas-fired Oil-fired boiler, heating water boiler, for hotel, swimming pool, house-heating, food processing, etc.

---Vertical Coal/Wood hot water boiler, esay install and operate, manual-feeding hot water boilers.

---Small electric hot water heater, thermal capacity in 50kw-500kw, quick delivery and into using.

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small hot water boiler, industrial hot water boiler

2. Gas/Oil Hot Water Boiler 0.35mw-21mw

Boiler use gas/oil burner at combustion chamber, fuel burning efficienctly, boiler work at pressure 0.1-2.5Mpa(1bar-25bar).

---WNS horizontal fire tube boiler, automatic package boiler, high efficiency up to 99.5%. suitable capacity in 0.3ton-30Ton.

---LHS/LSS vertical type fire/water tube sturcture boiler, small capacity in 100kg-2000kg, small occupy area, easy install & operate.

---SZS water tube boiler, horizontal package gas/oil burner boiler, suitable capacity in 8ton-30ton.

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3. Coal/Wood/biomass hot water boiler 200kw-21000kw

Unique furnace steam boiler use coal/wood burning, automatic type & manual type, strong work power for 25+Years.

---LSG water tube boiler, vertical three pass sturcture coal/wood fired boiler in 100kw-1400kw, small occupy, easy install & operate.

---DZL/DZH series water-fire tube 0.7mw-21mw boiler, automatic/manual types feeding, lower investment and operation cost.

---SZL water tube boiler, our best unique-design coal/wood burning boiler, suitable for 2.8mw-35mw heating water boiler projects. 

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coal biomass boiler


Boilers for heating system, choose steam boiler, hot water boiler, thermal oil boiler, all could offer heating energy to machines, satisfy processing demand during your factory productions. Boiler powered by gas/oil/lpg, coal/wood/biomass fuel, electricity/exhaust gas.

1. Choose boiler: There are more various boiler model for choose, inquire one you prefer.

2. Technical discussion: Offer professional boiler system plan for your choose

Send boiler requirements for your projects, Email us at any time: 
gas oil boiler, coal boiler, biomass boiler, electric boiler

Calorific value, cost comparison analysis of various fuels (Refer to 1 ton steam boiler)
Fuel Fuel density(kg/Nm3) Calorific value(KJ/kg) or (KJ/Nm3) Boiler eFficiency(%) Emission Consumption (kg/h)
AII coal 1200 17396 80 955 11.8 4.3 200
Light oil 850 42875 95 818 14.2 4 66.1
Natural gas 0.741 35590 96 420 / 0.5 70.1
Wood chips 130 13101 88 730 / 1.1 180
Rice husk 120 12689 87 685 0.2 1.3 200
Straw 80-100  (corn/straw) 16697  (corn/straw) 90 765 0.1 1.3 160
Wood pellets 750 18392 90 950 / 1 160
1.Special proposal is available according to different place's different encironmental requirements;
2.Burning fuel's heat value/chemincal component different, parameter different;
3.Boiler technology is keep updating, if there is any update in the future, no special imform.
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