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small electric steam boiler,electric steam generator,vertical electric steam boiler
electric steam boiler,industrial electric boiler,WDR horizontal electric boiler
vertical electric boiler,small steam boiler,electric steam generator
vertical electric heating boiler,vertical steam generator,industrial steam generator
china electric heating boiler,electric water boiler,electric steam boiler
  • small electric steam boiler,electric steam generator,vertical electric steam boiler
  • electric steam boiler,industrial electric boiler,WDR horizontal electric boiler
  • vertical electric boiler,small steam boiler,electric steam generator
  • vertical electric heating boiler,vertical steam generator,industrial steam generator
  • china electric heating boiler,electric water boiler,electric steam boiler

Electrical Boiler

  • Capacity:10kw-7000kw, 20kg-10000kg
  • Work Pressure:3bar-25bar, 0.3-2.5Mpa
  • Heat Temperature:0-300℃
  • Application:Foods, Textile, Brewery, Dairy, Laundry, Packaging, etc
  • Features:Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Steam Generator. Automatic running, No pollution, Quick start, Portable Type, Customized Service Design.
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 Electric Water Steam Boiler  10kw-7000kw | 20kg-10000kg 

industrial electric steam boiler,electric steam generator boiler,electric heating steam boiler

 Horizontal Electric Boiler   SteamBoiler HotWaterBoiler 

WDR horizontal electric boiler, it is horizontal type electricity heating tube type boiler. It's kind of new high technology product which takes electricity as energy.

With advantages of environmental protection, no pollution, no noise, convenient installation,small occupation, full automatic control and high thermal efficiency up to 98%.

electrical steam boiler,steam boiler use electricity,wdr electric steam boiler

 Vertical Electric Boiler  Electrical Steam Generator 

LDR vertical electric boiler, is small size vertical type electric steam generator boiler. Simple structure, qiuck startup, one-button start on, small footprint, thermal efficiency reach to 98%.

1) Small size, Light weight, Easy to install, Portable, No pollution.

2) Dual safety guarantee, Electric heating, Safety ensurance.

electric steam boiler,electrical steam generator,steam generator for industries use

 Why choose electric boiler  Advantages 

Electric boiler is very popular as no-emission-pollute boiler. Lots of boss consider the invest cost of electric boiler when some factories plan to replace old boiler or increase factory productions scale.

Electric boiler design is kind composed of furnace, water supply, self-control, heating and safety protection system. It uses electricity to generate heat and generate steam with a certain pressure. With advantages of fully-automation (convenient use), no pollution, simple install easy-operation, high-efficiency, new modern deisgn, portable to move. Somewhere electricity cost is cheap in the local, it will be a great choice to get electric boiler.

electric boiler,steam boiler use electrcity,electrical heating boiler

Note: vertical electric boiler, also named electric steam generator

It is small capacity, small occupied area, quick strating by one button. suitable for small steam capacity used in industries.

 Electricity Consumption  Calcaulate 

Generally, 700kw electric boiler consumps 700 kw, in addition, auxiliary power consumption in 50kw-100kw roughly. 

1) Take example, 1ton electric boiler (thermal capacity conversion: 1ton = 700kw). When boiler running at full load, it will generate 1ton steam per hour, thus electricity consumption is around 750KW.

2) Thus, 2ton electric boiler, electricity consumption is 1500KW.

3) Thus, 4ton electric boiler, electricity consumption is 3000KW.

Remark: If you need consumption cost analysis, contact

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 Specifications  Electric Boiler 

1. Stainless steel electric heating tube, each group heating elements is connected by a centralized beam flange independently. Simple structure, high mechanical strength, safety and reliability, easy replacement.

2. Quick start-up, good steam quality, strong operating load, fast to adjust and simple to operate.

3. Automatic to adjusts heating groups according to the temperature difference and load changes, help saving energy consumption.

5. Intelligent controller & micro display screen,  display equipment status, operating parameters and fault alarms.With advantages of reliable performance, high degree of automation, and convenient use.

6. Boiler insulation use 12cm aluminum silicate board, ensures the long-term energy-saving operation of the boiler. Both ends of boiler is convenient for installation and maintenance.

7. Protective function

(1) Leakage: when detects the electricity leakage, will cut off the power supply automatically.

(2) Water shortage: When short of water, cut off the power supply and issue a alarm indication.

(3) The furnace shell is overheated: the boiler immediately stops running.

(4) Abnormal power supply: the boiler immediately stops running and chain sound and light alarm.

electric boiler structure,electricity heating boiler system,electric boiler system

 Advantages   Electric Boiler 

1. High efficiency, it can convert nearly all the energy they consume into heat.

2. Clean and environmentally friendly, electric boilers do not emit harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx) or sulfur dioxide (SO2).

3. Easy Installation and Low Maintenance, electric boiler has fewer components compared to combustion-based boilers, reducing the need for maintenance and repair work.

4. Quiet Operation: Electric boilers operate quietly, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

5. Precise Temperature Control: Electric boilers offer precise temperature control, allowing industries to maintain consistent heat levels for their processes. 

6. Compact Size: Electric boilers are typically smaller in size compared to traditional combustion-based boilers. Their compact design makes them suitable for installations where space is limited.

7. Renewable Energy Integration: By using electricity from renewable sources, the carbon footprint of electric boilers can be further reduced.

8. Reliable Operation: Electric boilers are known for their reliable performance. They have fewer moving parts compared to combustion-based boilers, resulting in fewer potential points of failure.

yuanda boiler,steam boiler,hotwater boiler,thermal oil heater

 About us   Yuanda Boiler 

1. Our company established since 1956, over 65 years manufactureing experiences, 15 Years export experience.

2. Qualified by ASME, CE, ISO, EAC, DOSH, TUV, BUV, Ensuring High Quality and Compliance with International Standards.

3. Global service team for boiler solution, boiler design, order contract, boiler delivery, boiler install and commissioning.

4. Until now, our products have been exported to 132 countries all over the world, trustable quality & services for lifespan.

henan yuanda boiler,yuanda boiler,china yuanda boiler

Model Types Thermal capacity (kg/h) Thermal capapcity (kw) Working pressure  Steam temperature Thermal efficiency Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
LDR0.013 Vertical 13 9 0.3Mpa-1.5Mpa


(Customized design)

(Customized design)
98%-99.5% 650*390*750 70
LDR0.017 17 12 650*390*750 75
LDR0.025 25 18 750*450*1050 90
LDR0.035 35 24 750*520*1050 95
LDR0.05 50 36 750*580*1150 101
LDR0.065 65 48 800*580*1200 115
LDR0.075 75 54 800*580*1300 140
LDR0.085 85 60 800*600*1300 145
LDR0.1 100 72 860*650*1390 172
LDR0.11 110 80 860*650*1390 185
LDR0.125 125 90 860*650*1430 190
LDR0.15 150 108 920*760*1600 245
LDR0.18 180 126 920*760*1600 260
LDR0.2 200 144 1130*750*1780 450
LDR0.25 250 180 950*900*1830 650
LDR0.3 300 216 1320*1040*1920 760
LDR0.4 400 288 1380*1040*2070 890
LDR0.5 500 360 1020*890*2350 1020
WDR0.5 Horizontal 500 360 1755*1180*1510 1400
WDR1.0 1000 700 2530*1380*1480 1730
WDR2 2000 1400 2530*2000*2080 2730
WDR3 3000 2100 2630*2210*2160 3420
WDR4 4000 2800 3680*2360*2380 4320
WDR5 5000 3500 3980*2580*2560 5130
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.
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