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Rice husk boiler, rice mill steam boiler
Rice husk boiler, rice mill steam boiler
husk boiler, rice husk steam boiler
husk burner boiler, ricehusk burner boiler
ricehusk boiler, husk burner boiler
  • Rice husk boiler, rice mill steam boiler
  • Rice husk boiler, rice mill steam boiler
  • husk boiler, rice husk steam boiler
  • husk burner boiler, ricehusk burner boiler
  • ricehusk boiler, husk burner boiler

Rice husk Steam boiler

  • Capacity:0.1t/h-50t/h
  • Pressure:0-3.8Mpa; 0-38Bar
  • Fuel:Agro husk, rice husk, palm shells, peanut shells, sawdust, shells, etc
  • Popular:In rice mill, oil mill, food plant, paper plant, textile factory...
  • Features:Agro Ricehusk boiler / biomass boiler / husk,palm,fibre fired boiler / husk burner boiler / biomass burner boiler
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Ricehusk/Olivehusk/Biomass-husk Fired Boiler

1. Popular ricehusk boiler used in rice mill,steam boiler capacity in 1ton-20ton/hr, for parboiling rice, dryer use.

2. Our husk fired boilers, have been used in oil mills, food factory, rice mills, beverage worldwide, such as Nepal, Pakistan, Uganda, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Colombia, South Africa, Myanmar, Vietnam. Global service for boiler installation guiding, training operators, we offer whole life service for customes' boiler. 

husk fired boiler, husk steam boiler

① Chain Grate Boiler  agro husk fired boiler

DZL biomass rice husk boilers are horizontal three-pass water & fire tube boilers with a chain grate stoker structure. Threaded pyrotechnic tubes are arranged in the drum to form a convection heating surface,while the drum and the water walls on both sides from a radiation heating surface in the furnace.

DZL ricehusk boiler

1. Large stove space for ricehusk burning.

Rice husks have a low ignition point, high volatile content, and are flammable and light. In order to prevent the rice husks from being blown out of the furnace before they burn out, increase the distance between the front and rear arches.

2. Optimal boiler water pipes thickness and surface anti-wear processing

Thicken the boiler water pipes and do some anti-wear processing measures on the water pipe surface. So increasing the heating area and strength heat transfer efficiency, make full use of fuel heat power and produce more steam, make the boiler output more stable.

3. Reasonable control for rice husk thickness and grate speed

when ricehusk burning in stove. The preferable amount of forced air and induced air aim to let the rice husk burning in a semi-suspended state on the fire grate.

② Husk Burner Boiler  ricehusk boiler

Husk burner boiler, its a special husk boiler because of external biomass burner. Consist of furnace boiler body and husk burner. How it work ? husk-fuel is feed into biomass burner, then burning and purging fire into furnace, release heat energy into boiler body, flue gas three pass way, high-efficiency adsorb the energy.

husk burner boiler

More Details

Complete rice milling equipment  with ricehusk boiler

Rice mill machine, complete set machine for rice parboiling and drying, availble for production 18t/day to 300t/day, including machines like husker, destoner, rice grader, color sorter, paddy dryer, etc. Know More By
Process: Paddy Cleaner → Destoner→Paddy Separator→Rice Whitener→Rice Grader→water polisher→Color Sorter→Packing

rice husk steam boiler

Rice mill projects  ricehusk boiler

ricehusk boiler 4ton ricehusk boiler

Global Boiler Service

1. Offer catalogue, various boiler model for choose, inquire one you prefer.

2. Technical discussion on boiler system solution for your company use.

3. Warmly welcome all customers come to visit the production base

4. Trustable after sale service, for boiler installation, training operators. 

5. Whole life service for boiler consult, contact us whenever.

6. We are one of the leading enterprises which first obtained the national boiler manufacturing license in China. Until 2020, Yuanda products have covered all provinces and cities of China and have been exported to 86 countries and regions such as Bangladesh, Nigeria, Chile, Russia, etc. More than 8000+ boiler projects worldwide !

DZ Series Steam Boiler Technical Parameter Table
Model Rated capacity(t/h) Rated pressure (Mpa) Rated steam temperature(℃) feed temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Boiler water volume(m³) Exhaust temperation(℃) Fuel comsumption(Kg/h) max transportation weigh(t)
DZH1 1 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/194/204 20/104 >82 3.15 127.25 192.32 9
DZL1 1 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/194/204 20/104 >82 3.15 113.34 190.42 13.5
DZH2 2 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/194/204 20/104 >82 4.75 126.41 386.47 15
DZL2 2 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/194/204 20/104 >82 4.77 106.34 393.77 22
DZH4 4 1.0/1.25/1.6 184/194/204 20/104 >82 7.7 137.25 782.29 18.5
DZL4 4 1.0/1.25/1.6/2.5 184/194/204/226 20/104 >82 8.2 124.49 756.89 27.6
DZH6 6 1.0/1.25/1.6/2.5 184/194/204/226 20/104 >82 7.4 146.83 1169.57 25
DZL6 6 1.0/1.25/1.6/2.5 184/194/204/226 20/104 >82 8.1 137.29 1148.68 35
DZL8 8 1.0/1.25/1.6/2.5 184/194/204/226 20/104 >82 9.6 141.06 1602.44 38
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.
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