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Boiler Economizer
Boiler Economizer
Boiler Economizer
Boiler Economizer
Boiler Economizer
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  • Boiler Economizer
  • Boiler Economizer
  • Boiler Economizer
  • Boiler Economizer

Gas Oil Boiler Economizer

  • Usage:Boiler accessories
  • Boiler types:Gas fired boiler, oil fired boiler
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Our gas oil fired economizer is finned tube design and aluminum silicate insulation, which has high thermal effiency and good condensation effect. ND steel can remove 80% oxygen. 

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Boiler H finned tube economizer is a kind of boiler parts, to have two steel circular symmetry to be welded on fluorescent tubes to form ins positive shape much like letter "H", so called H-fin tube. H finned tube economizer widely used in utility boilers, industrial boilers, marine power, such as the tail of heat exchanger components.

steam boiler,hot water boiler,thermal oil boiler

steam boiler, hot water boiler, thermal oil boiler

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 Why choos us ?  Yuanda Boiler 

1. Products Certificates Qualifications

Yuanda products comply with international boiler manufacturing inspection standards such as ISO ASME CE SGS DOSH EAC.

2. Professional & Trustable

Yuanda Boiler, has professional technical research and development team, mature production technician team, high-quality raw material suppliers, experienced installation engineer team (have been to more than 50 countries to be responsible for after-sales installation and commissioning services)

3. Yuanda Boiler Since 1956

Till now, Yuanda Boiler has a 66-year history of development, continuous innovation, continuous progress, and never stops. With a large number of loyal boiler users, the good reputation has also driven the promotion of the Yuanda brand, and the market share has been increasing.

4. Reliable Service For Life-time

Before-sale services | on-sale services | after-sale services. We always adhere to the principle of customer-oriented and customer service. Yuanda will provide life service for products forever, keep moving.

Our Boiler Strict Quality Control

1. All materials should be inspected before prodcution and each steel have its ID code which can trace its quality test.

2. 100% Non-Destructive Inspection report of steel plate tube & welding rod.

3. Hydraulic test: make sure strength and tightness of pressure parts.

4. Third part inspection report: By China Henan Boiler Inspection Institute.

Boiler suitable(T) Dimension Heating area (sqm)
H1-T 1000/1.6 φ50×12 10.56 
L1-T 1000/1.6 φ50×24 21.12 
H-2T  1000/1.6 φ50×12 31.68 
L2-T 1000/1.6 φ50×30 26.40 
H4-T 1200/1.6 φ50×40 43.20 
L4-T 1200/1.6 φ50×40 43.20 
6T 1500/1.6 φ60×48 104.60 
8T 1500/2.5 φ60×64 139.52 
10T  1500/1.6 φ60×80 159.96 
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